Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance

Why Choose Freimark and Associates, Inc.?

  • Experience in working with large and small volume loan departments
  • Compliance guaranteed loan forms and loan packages available
  • Flexible Coverage Plans and Rates based on the needs of the credit union
  • Individual staff training coupled with incentive programs create higher penetration figures for the credit union
  • Local accountability from the insurance carrier
  • Maximum administrative reimbursements and fee income alternatives
  • On-demand reporting for tracking program progress
  • Flexible Debt cancellation alternatives are available

Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance (or Payment Protection) is an insurance coverage that is offered to members who are making a loan at the Credit Union. This optional coverage is available for signature, collateral, home equity, credit card or other available loans.  Coverage is offered to all eligible members at the time of the loan, and premiums are included in the loan payment. Premiums are available as single or monthly outstanding balance.

Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance helps pay off the loan if the member should die. Credit Life is also available as "Joint" coverage, insuring both the member and the co-debtor. This coverage is designed to help members protect their loved ones from excessive debt in the case of death.

Why choose LIFE protection?

Credit Disability Insurance

Insurance helps make the member's payments if he/she becomes disabled and is unable to work. Coverage is available to the main debtor only, and insures against both injury and illness. Benefit payments are made directly to the Credit Union and are not taxable. Benefits are made in addition to any other coverage the member may have in place. This coverage not only protects loved ones, but also helps to protect the member's credit rating.

Why choose DISABILITY protection?